Zinc Orotate Effects Sperm Production & Motility

Zinc orotate can help boost many aspects of sexual health. This is a known fact. But one of the most clear benefits is probably unknown to the vast majority of people. For those planning to be a father, zinc orotate might just be the single most important supplement you can possibly take.

Sperm motility refers to the strength and movement of a man’s sperm. Strong motility leads to increased travel and greater penetration. This can lead to a greater chance of fertilization of the egg. It has long been known that motility is the key to impregnation. Zinc orotate is one supplement that can actually help increase that movement dramatically.

If you currently have sperm motility levels below 50%, then vitamin & mineral deficiency likely plays a part. So, women & men should both be concerned about his intake of zinc. The problem is today’s dietary intake is almost never sufficient. Due to superior absorption, zinc orotate is the best form to deliver the highest percentage of this mineral directly to where you need it most, the reproductive system.

The Optimal Dosage Of Zinc Orotate

Optimal Dosage of Zinc Orotate

Because the absorption rate is so much greater than other supplements, zinc orotate is available typically in 60mg or so tablets. The actual elemental zinc can be as low as 5mg per tablet, but since the amount that gets utilized is so much greater, essentially, more is less in this case. At any rate, given the fact that most zinc orotate supplements are available in similar dosages, the optimal dosage would be around two tablets per day, with meals.

Like anything else, a little in this case can go a long way. There is no reason to overdue it here. The concept of active mineral transport is at work here assisting. More about that in later posts. Suffice it to say that typical tablet dosage is around 60mg. Of that, 5mg or so is pure elemental zinc (about 1/12th). The other 11/12 is typically bound orotic acid which is the crucial differentiator.

Zinc Orotate For Low Testosterone & Immune System

Zinc Orotate Increases Testosterone Levels In Men

A zinc deficiency can defintely decrease testosterone levels in men. Low T is very common in aging men. This has all kinds of related side effects including low libido, motivation levels, energy levels and more. Since the body has no real storage mechanism for zinc, it is important that you include a regular intake of the mineral in your diet. Since it’s generally not possible to get the amount and absorption you need from foods, zinc orotate makes up the ideal supplement to get what you need into your cells. There is simply no better way to manage your zinc intake than to include a high-absorption supplement in your routine.

Zinc Orotate Also Boosts The Immune System

Taking zinc orotate regularly helps boost the immune system. Zinc deficiency almost insures that your immune system stays revved up all year. This is especially important during cold and flu seasons each year. You may have noticed many zinc supplements lining the shelves of your favorite pharmacy when you’re shopping for over the counter products. This is no accident. The mineral zinc is a potent weapon in the war against viral infection of all types. In fact, zinc orotate can help with other immune issues like rashes, sores and wound healing. Boosting your zinc intake will definitely help you heal faster and stay more immune to the effects of colds, flus and other maladies. Zinc orotate is definitely the king of immune supplements as well. Given the fact that it helps in so many ways, why wouldn’t everyone want to begin supplementing with it?