Zinc Orotate 101

Zinc is an essential element required by all tissues and organs in our bodies. It is directly involved with cellular metabolism, tissue growth, skin health, blood vessel health, liver health and more. Zinc catalyzes the release of hormones and the transmission of nerve impulses. However, the body has no built in zinc storage system and daily intake is required to maintain a sufficient supply. Many different foods contain zinc, nuts, meats, vegetables & fruits. Additionally, zinc supplements are incredibly important as today’s diet is usually deficient.

Zinc orotate was originally developed by a German physician named Hans Nieper. In fact, Nieper designed several important mineral orotates over time and tested them on 1000s of patients. Orotic acid, according to Nieper and his results, is incredibly effective at delivering the mineral ion it is paired with into the interior of the cell. To do so, requires a delivery mechanism that will bypass a complex system of gates designed to keep toxins and other substances out of the cell. Orotic acid, because it is a natural substance found within the human body, helps shuttle the mineral zinc directly into the cell. This, in turn, increases absorption rates dramatically.

Zinc orotate is one of the most concentrated forms of the mineral zinc available on the planet for that very reason. There is no zinc supplement on earth with a higher absorption rate. When it comes to minerals, the amount your body actually utilizes is the key. It’s actually possible for a supplement like zinc orotate to show as much as a 400% increase in absorption rates over other supplement forms. Don’t waste your money by grabbing a bottle of zinc on the pharmacy shelf. Spend the extra money and time ordering it properly off the internet because in the end, it will be cheaper and much more effective.